James Schaeffer is an award winning video editor, broadcast journalist, and executive producer based in Las Vegas. A journalist with 8 years of experience and work from high school to the university level. He worked with the university television network UNLV-TV where he is completing an education in journalism and political science.  James is responsible for the exposing of university voter fraud that stimulated a criminal investigation. The story was an 6-week-long investigation into a large sum of fake votes that were inputted into a public election. The story encouraged a criminal investigation that occurred following the story’s completion.


James has reported extensively across the realm of news – including the Westboro Baptist Church protests in Las Vegas, the John Boehner and Harry Reid $950,000 research institute funding vote, and getting a witness to the Boston Bombing shooting of the MIT officer while in high school for their news. The story on the MIT shooting was an exclusive interview, with a student who had been in lockdown at MIT and was interviewed during the lockdown about the safety on the campus. This exclusive was conducted at the high school level for a national level event, a terrorist attack.


He has covered major news such as 2016 Presidential Debate that took place on the UNLV campus with a live 3-hour show covering the pre- and post- show. James was an producer and host for the live 4-hour show covering the presidential election from UNLV. He worked with media outlets to use maps and learned first hand the opportunities and rush of producing and speaking live to air on hard news issues effecting the nation at large. He worked with students around the Las Vegas Valley to come in studio during the election to give their thoughts as well as facilitate a debate with university students about their reactions to the election as it occurred.


James is one of the few students out of UNLV that was able to be an executive producer of his own show “The Scramble” while hosting and writing the content for it every week. Before this he was a panelist on the university political roundtable television show where he posited a fury of questions towards the university’s outlook on politics. He was the showrunner for the daily university television newscasts “Studio-G” for two semesters while running his own show. The dual responsibilities of two television programs helped James master the obligations of two television shows while working as a barista and going to school full-time.


Prior to UNLV, James spent four years in the broadcast journalism program at his high school in FST News. While at Foothill High School  he worked to revamp the broadcast news program to focus more on hard news subjects as well as more entertaining, comedic content. Three of those four years James was the student director of the daily announcements for FST News where he oversaw multiple police-involved teen awareness events, called Every 15 Minutes. During these events James oversaw the editing from teams of students as well as oversaw the camerawork of the events

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James has lived in Las Vegas for his entire journalistic career. Outside of journalism, James competed in speech and debate competitions winning first place in the state of Nevada in Congressional debate, and later competed in the national competition. He worked with the Las Vegas Junior League to record and edit multiple videos. This including the mayor of Las Vegas for a personal message to The Sands Copa Room event.


He has become comfortable in front of the camera, since he has anchored in front of his peers since he was 14. Reporting is not a hobby but a lifestyle, and investigation journalism is an area that he is well comfortable with. Having studied Political Science and Broadcast Journalism during his time at UNLV James is a bonafide political reporter and eats, sleeps, and dreams everything having to do with national and international political reporting. James’s aspirations are to work for an international news network and report the news worth covering.